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Establishment of Gangadevi Lal Bahadur Degree College Gram-Purerudra, Post Usmanpur, District- Barabanki (located at 24th km from Barabanki to Haider Marg Marg), was established by Mr. Hari Prasad Verma, the self-interest seeker of the main business, social worker and backward, poor people of the region. To keep the holy memories of Pujya Mata Smt. Gangadevi Verma and father Shri Lal Bahadur Verma intact and their ideals According to the purpose of composing the society. Due to the proper arrangement of education until this intermediate level in this remote rural area of the district, most of the students/students of the area were deprived of higher education. The above college has been established by Shri Verma while heartening the suffering of the parents of such families.
Degree College, along with adequate study rooms, to provide disciplinary teaching to the students as well as the laboratory of the systematic education system, equipped library, playground, reading room and home science, physics, chemistry, animal science, botanical science, college Family Mom is the main purpose.

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